Hashtags Café Daily Suggestions Guide


The Hashtags Café is where you can find daily hashtags suggestions for your managed Twitter accounts.

The suggestions are chosen from the starred hashtags among those you already use and the suggestions found by the HashSmart Machine. They are prioritized daily based on the last hashtags you used, their results, and the current trends for your fields of interest.

Together with the suggested hashtags, the HashSmart Machine also finds for you fresh top example tweets and instagrams, to kickstart your inspiration.

Using Today's Inspirations

You can get to the Hashtags Café using the Hashtags->My Daily Suggestions menu. Before being able to do so, you'll need to have analyzed at least one Managed Account from the My Users.

When you enter the Café, you are presented with the highest-priority suggestion according to the HashSmart Machine algorithms:


If our system found that you write about different subjects, you'll find more choices after the "Show inspirations for" title - in this example, there was only one subject, #socialmedia.

The suggestions are divided in three priority level: High, Medium and Low - the current hashtag priority is displayed near the hashtag name; the highest priority is usually assigned to hashtags that you didn't use for a long time, that gave good results in the past, or that are very promising for you.

But the choice to use the hashtag right now or not is up to you. It only makes sense to use a hashtag if you find the inspiration to write - or share - something relevant, otherwise it's better to wait a better time.

For each proposed hashtag, you have four choices:

  • If you're inspired to use it now, click the "I'm Inspired Now" button - see Writing a tweet below.
  • If you aren't inspired right now, but would like to use the hashtag soon, click the "Save Inspiration" button - you'll find the hashtag in the "Saved Inspirations" tab when you come back to the café later.
  • If you're not inspired by this hashtag and simply want to skip to the next suggestion, click the blue "next" button (right arrow).
  • If you don't want our system to suggest this hashtag anymore in the future, you can click the grey trashcan button - this will unstar the hashtag.

Hashtag Inspiration

Most of the time, just seeing a hashtag name isn't enough to fire up our inspiration. That's why, below the currently proposed hashtag, you'll find three columns.


  • The first column, "Tweets Examples", shows a collection of recent tweets that got a high success using the suggested hashtag. You can use them for inspiration, or you can just retweet them.
  • The second column, "Example Images", shows a collection of recent instagrams that had a lot interaction. These, too, can inspire you, or you can reshare the image directly on Twitter using the "Share on Twitter" button.
  • The third column gives you some additional hashtag info: Data taken for the Hashtags Encyclopedia, and, if it is a hashtag that you recently used, the last 5 tweets that you sent. This way, it will be easier to remember how you already used the hashtag in recent times.

Sending A Tweet

If you click the "I'm Inspired Now" button, or if you click the "Share on Twitter" button, you'll be able to write and send your tweet directly from the café:


After you write the tweet, using the suggested hashtag and, if you want, adding 1 or 2 other relevant ones, you can click the "Send Now" button. If instead you want to save your draft, you can click the "Save for later" button - you'll find your text, together with all the other data, in the "Saved Inspirations" tab.

Soon we'll also integrate Hootsuite to allow you to share the message using other networks, other accounts, or to schedule your message - no need to reinvent the wheel.

Saved Inspirations

You can find all the inspirations that you saved by clicking the Saved Inspirations tab.

From here you can reopen a saved inspiration, or delete it if you don't think you'll need it again.